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Heat Conduction in Fluids

Heat Conduction in Fluids
Heat Conduction in Fluids
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Product Code : KCHT-143
Brand Name : Heat Conduction In Fluids
Product Description
Description :

Determination of the co-efficient of thermal conductivity for gaseous and liquid fluids.

It has an interfacing unit designed by K. C. Engineers along with Lab view software.This educational software allows/enables user to log the real time experimental data and tabulate the experimental/sample reading according to the requirement of experiment. User have a control on data logging, printing the stored data and preparing spread sheets in Excel. Flexible graph plotting facility is also available in the software.

Technical Details :

The unit will  be bench mounted.

By radial heat transfer having an areaof 0.007439m2 approx.

The test fluid will be containedbetween to concentric cylinders having a height of 0.4 mm and dia 29.6mm

Heat dissipation will be through acool body made in two parts in a cylinder having cooling ducts inside.

A uniformly distributed temperaturewill be attained in the heating body containing the test fluid having heatercapacity of 350 watts and max temp limitation range of about 95 degrees.

Inner cylinder having a mass of approx0.11 kg and heat capacity (specific) 890J/kg K.

Variables like temperature measurementrange from 0 to 3300C

DAQ for seamless display oftemperature and heating power.

The heated core and cooling body willbe separated by a uniform circumferential gap.

The cooling body should be assembledfrom two parts in a cylinder, which have cooling ducts inside.

An ENGLISH instruction manualconsisting of experimental procedures, block diagram etc. will be provided alongwith the Apparatus.

The whole set-up is well designed andarranged on a rigid structure painted with industrial PU Paint.

Extra Additional Specs For E-Learning

Network capability: network access toongoing Experiments by any number of external workstations.

Software: operation and control of theexperimental unit, data acquisition and educational software

E-Learning: multi-media didacticmaterials accessible online

multi-media online course, whichenables learning independent of time and place

Access via Internet browser

Educational software includingdifferent learning modules.

course in the fundamentals

detailed thematic courses

check through targeted review of thelearning objectives

Authoring system with editor thatenables user to integrate his/her own, local content into the educationalsoftware



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