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Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger
Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger
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Product Code : KCHT-127
Brand Name : Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Product Description
It has aninterfacing unit designed by K. C. Engineers along with Lab view software. Thiseducational software allows/enables user to log the real time experimental dataand tabulate the experimental/sample reading according to the requirement ofexperiment. User will have a control on data logging, printing the stored data and preparingspread sheets in Excel. Flexible graph plotting facility is also available inthe software.

Technical Details :

Bench Top Unit                                   :         Dedicated bench top supply unit for differentheat exchangers hot water circuit with tank,

                                                                        heater,temperature controller, pump and protection against lack of water will   be


                                                              :         The water for heat exchanger accessorieswill be With quick-release couplings.

DAQ                                                      :         With all function and parameters

Pump                                                    :         Have power consumption of 120 watt, flow rate maximum 600 LPH ata head of 30m


Text Box: AccessoriesKCHT-127A : Tubular heat exchanger, KCHT-127B : Plate heat exchanger, KCHT-127C : Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger,KCHT-127D : Jacketed vessel with stirrer and coil andKCHT-127E : Finned Tube Heat ExchangerHotWater Circuit                               :         Heater, pump, protection against lowwater level, temperature sensor

Hot Water Tank                                  :         Capacity10-12 L

Heater                                                  :         3Kw with temperature control ambient to900C

                                                              :         Heater will be controlled by computersignal

Flow measurement                            :         2Nos., Flow Sensors( 10-250LPH) for flow measurement of hot and cold water,

                                                                        Output4-20 mA.

Temperature Sensor                         :         RTDPT-100 type (Temperature ambient to 1000C , 6 Nos)

Temperature Measurement            :         Bytemperature transmitter, Output 4-20 mA, 6Nos)

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Transparent shell and tube heat exchanger incross parallel flow and cross counter flow operation.

Minimum heat transfer area of about 200 cm2.

The heat exchangerwill have a tube bundle of SS having an ODof 6mm and wall thickness of 1mm.

No of tubes 7minimum.

The shell will betransparent (PMMA) having an OD of 50mmand wall thickness of 3mm.

There will be at least 4 baffles plates in the heat Exchanger.

The heatexchanger will be space saving, that is, it will fit on the service unititself.

With Standardmake On/Off switch, Mains Indicatoretc.

High Speed Data Acquisition Card of National Instruments.

Water connections will have quick releasecouplings.

An instruction manual consisting of experimentalprocedures, block diagram etc. will be provided along with the Apparatus.

The whole set-up is well designed and arrangedon a rigid structure painted with industrial PU Paint.



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