Offering a wide range of professionally tailored equipments as Heat Transfer Labs, Mass Transfer Labs, Hydraulic Labs, Mechanical Operation Labs, Chemical Reaction Engineering Labs, all at competitive rates....

About Us

In today's knowledge driven industry, scientific advancements are taking place like never before. At K.C. Engineers Limited, we believe in employing new technologies and innovating futuristic products in the industry. We are an experienced manufacturer, exporter and supplier of laboratory and scientific equipments.

We manufacture Heat Transfer Lab, Mass Transfer Lab, Hydraulic Lab, Mechanical Operation Lab, Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab, Momentum Transfer Lab, Process Control & Instrumentation Lab, Thermo Dynamics Lab, Theory Of Machine Lab, Environmental & Bio-Chemical Engineering Lab, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab, etc. We serve various educational Institutions, research and development and other industries.

Using latest technology, we offer superior quality engineering and scientific equipments at the competitive prices. We are known as the hallmark of reliability, quality and accuracy. Conforming to the high global standards of quality, we have achieved the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification. We have established business network covering the Middle East and South East Asia to effectively reach our clients.

Built on the foundation of extensive research, we tailor a popular range of high precision and performance labs for our clients. In addition, we also offer prompt after sales support and maintenance help for our clients, including on site installation and commissioning works.

Product Range

K.C. Engineers Limited is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the following equipments:

  • Heat Transfer Lab:  Heat Transfer, Thermal Conductivity and Evaporation Apparatus
  • Hydraulic Lab: Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machinery, Flow Channels, Turbines, etc.
  • Process Control and Instrumentation Lab: Temp, Flow and Pressure Control Apparatus, etc.
  • Mechanical Operation Lab:  Size Reduction, Screening, Separation, Filtration, Conveyor And Mixing Apparatus, etc.
  • Mass Transfer Lab: Extraction, Distillation, Absorption Diffusion, Crystallization Apparatus, etc.
  • Theory of Machine Lab:  Vibration, Governor Apparatus, etc.
  • Thermodynamics Lab: Engine Test Rigs
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Test Rigs
  • Momentum Transfer Lab
  • Environmental and Bio Engg. Lab.

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