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Free & Forced Convection Experimental Setup

Free & Forced Convection Experimental Setup
Free & Forced Convection Experimental Setup
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Product Code : KCHT-163
Brand Name : Free & Forced Convection Experimental Setup
Product Description
Description :

The setup is designed to study thefree and forced convection over different geometries. It consists of verticalduct with axial fan. Air is fed through a duct and heated at heater element with different shape surfaces. Heating elements can be operable outside the airduct for natural convection study. Flow rates of air can be varied. Thetemperature and air velocity are measured using sensors.It consist transparent section on air duct to visualize heating element completely. The setup provide relation between surface temperature and powerinput in free as well as in forced convection and the use of extended surfacesto improve heat transfer from the surface.

It has an interfacing unit designed by K. C. Engineers along with Lab view software. This educational software allows/enables user to log the real time experimental data and tabulate the experimental/sample reading according to the requirement of experiment. User have a control on data logging, printing the stored data and preparing spread sheets in Excel. Flexible graph plotting facility is also available in the software.


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