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Coagulation Flocculation Settling Pilot Plant

Coagulation Flocculation Settling Pilot Plant

Product Details:


Product Description


Coagulation- flocculation - settling processes are generally used to separate colloidsfrom water, as in this case natural settling speed is too slow to obtain asufficient clarification. This plant enables to study the coagulation,flocculation and settling processes separately or simultaneously and it mainly consistsof a stirred feed tank, of two tanks for flocculent and coagulant, of a stirredcoagulation tank, of a stirred flocculation tank and of a plate settler.

Processcontrol, data acquisition and supervision are automatically carried out by a microprocessorcontroller and by a specific control and supervision software  that enables the remote control of variousoperational parameters.


Experimentation/Learning Objects

The processunit enables to develop and analyze the following issues:



Co-currentand counter-current settling

Characteristicsof coagulant and of flocculants

Optimizationof coagulation flocculation and settling processes

AutomaticPID control



Technical Data                  

Framework ofAISI 304 stainless steel with castors

Cylindricalfeed tank of transparent methacrylate for the water to be treated withsubmersible pump and capacity of 300 l

Feed tank oftransparent methacrylate for coagulant with capacity of 60 l

Feed tank ofglass for flocculant, provided with hot-plate magnetic stirrer, with capacityof 0.5 l

Coagulationreactor of borosilicate glass, equipped with motor-driven stirrer (0 to 300 rpm.),with capacity of 30 l

Flocculationreactor of borosilicate glass, equipped with motor-driven stirrer (0 to 100 rpm.),with capacity of 8 l

Rectangularsettler of transparent methacrylate with conical bottom and movable plates forits operation in co-current and counter-current

Flowmeter ofAISI 304 stainless steel for measuring feed flowrate with range of 30 to 300l/h

Flowmeter ofcoagulant feed with range of 2 to 20 l/h

Feed screwpump with casing and screw of AISI 316 stainless steel and flow rate of 0 to200 l/h

Electronicfrequency variator for screw pump

Gear feedpump of AISI 316 stainless steel for coagulant, with flow-rate of 0 to 50 l/h

Meteringpump of flocculent, with flow rate of 0 to 200 ml/h

Switchboard,complying with EC conformity mark, including plant synoptic and ELCB

Digitalmicroprocessor PID controller, with two control loops

Supervisionsoftware for Windows: it enables to control ONOFF signals, analog signalscoming from PID controller, realtime trend and historical trend.

An ENGLISHinstruction manual consisting of experimental procedures, block diagram etc.will be provided along with the Apparatus.

The wholeset-up is well designed and arranged on a rigid structure painted withindustrial PU Paint. 

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