Plate & Frame Filter Press

Plate & Frame Filter Press

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Description :

Pressurefilters can apply a large pressure differential across the septum to giveeconomically rapid filtration with viscous liquids or fine solids. The mostcommon types of pressure filters are filter press. A filter press contains aset of plates designed to provide a series of chambers or compartments in whichsolids may collect. The plates are covered with a filter medium such as canvascloth. Slurry is admitted to each compartment under pressure; liquor passesthrough the canvas cloth and out a discharge pipe, leaving a wet cake of solidsbehind. Plates and frames sit horizontally in a metal rack, with cloth coveringthe face of each plate, and are squeezed tightly together by a screw. Slurryenters at one end of the assembly of plates and frame. It passes through achannel running lengthwise through one corner of assembly.

Theset up consists of 7 plates and 6 frames. Frames are covered with filter cloth.Feed is fed by gear pump at the top and filtrate collected at the bottom fromeach plate by operating the cock. After removing cake, washing and cleaning canbe done by water provided by overhead tank. Inlet & outlet pressures aremeasured by pressure gauges. Rate of filtrate removals is measured bycalibrated tank provided.

Technical Details :

No. of frame : 6

No. of Plates : 7

Size : 200 mm x 200 mm.

Material : Acrylic

Filter Medium : Filter Cloth

Filtrate collection tray : MaterialStainless Steel, Suitable size.

Filtration rate measurement : will bemeasured by rise in liquid level using measuring tank. Material Stainless Steel.

Slurry Feed tank : Material StainlessSteel, Capacity 40 Ltrs.

Slurry Tank Agitator : StainlessSteel  Impeller with SS Shaft coupled to FHPMotor and Reduction Gear Box

Slurry Feed Pump: Gear Pump with FHPmotor.

Piping system : GI and PVC.

Pressure Measurement : By Bourdon typepressure gauge-2Nos.

Overhead water tank : MaterialStainless Steel, Capacity 25 Ltrs.

Control Panel comprises of  :

Standard make on off switch, MainsIndicator etc.

Screw Jack arrangement for tighteningand removing of frames easily.

The equipment will be portable  and mounted on a metal trolley.

An ENGLISH instruction manualconsisting of experimental procedures, block diagram etc. will be providedalong with the Apparatus.

The whole set-up is well designed andarranged on a rigid structure painted with industrial PU Paint.

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